Basic Package ($300)


– Brief on camera introduction by the student-athlete.

– Playing one fielding position.

– Batting practice from two angles including slow motion footage of your swing.

– Base running to show your speed and technique.

– Final video will be uploaded onto YouTube for distribution to college coaches.


Deluxe Package ($400) Includes Basic Package Plus:

-Playing two fielding positions as opposed to only one.

–An additional 3-6 minutes in length to give college coaches more time to evaluate your skills.


Fielding Position Breakdown:

-Pitchers (two camera angles of all pitches, including slow motion footage).

-First/Third Base (footage of simulated game situations fielding bunts, ground -balls, making a plays at first, and double plays).

-Shortstop/Second Base (fielding ground balls making a play at first, double plays, and stolen base situations).

-Outfield (catching fly balls, showing the accuracy of a throw to home/cut-off, and fielding ground balls).

-Catchers (throw downs to second, fielding bunts, and slow motion footage of throw).

Each video focuses on the specific talents of each player. Videos are filmed one-on-one in a private skill session or as a group session. The process is simple and players will be guided through every step of the way. We offer flat rate pricing which includes the video skills session through final delivery for one price so there are no surprises.

During the session players will complete several drills that simulate game situations for specific positions. Video of each player will be recorded from various angles during the session, which lasts approximately 90 minutes including batting practice.

The footage is then edited to the appropriate length with a first draft provided within 1 week. College coaches have asked to keep videos to no more than 5-7 minutes in length. Once a first draft is complete, it is uploaded to the internet via a private link for players and coaches to review. Once all the edits have been made and you are satisfied with the finished product, it is prepared for distribution to college coaches.

*Team discounts are available for groups of 4 or more athletes. (Outdoor Sessions only)